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Special collector alert…
The Great American Coin Hunt is on!

Coin collecting is returning to its roots this year during National Coin Week! From April 21-27, 2019, the Great American Coin Hunt is on. During this event, dealers from across the nation will be

John Adams’ Amazing Ancient Coins

A parent-child collecting opportunity Picture it: Father and son at breakfast. Talking sports. Or, about a yard project to make mom happy. Or, who will replace their favorite barber who’s just retired. But maybe

This one takes the cake… !
Money Cake Tradition adds a fun new twist to your favorite celebration!

Recently, I was planning a birthday party when someone asked if I’d ever heard of the “money cake tradition.” Having always preferred chocolate myself, but intrigued by the idea, I asked her what that

Wrapping Up 2018 with a review of Local Interest Anniversaries!

Up here in Northern New Hampshire and Vermont, we’re proud of our rich heritage – and enjoy sharing it with others! It’s been a busy 2018 for the upper reaches of the “twin states”