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Update: We’ll be upgrading our rewards website in 2023 to provide a better online experience for our customers. The current rewards website will go under construction soon, and will be reorganized for the remainder of the year. Thank you for your patience as we work to bring you an improved online collecting experience. We look forward to serving you!

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From box tops to frequent flyer miles, chances are you’re familiar with a customer loyalty program. It’s a widespread shopping perk. With accumulated proofs of purchase that translate into points, you redeem the points for merchandise you’ve been eyeing.

One example popular with hobbyists is Littleton Coin Company’s own long-running version. An enthusiastic customer from Honolulu, HI, C.Y. wrote us to say, “Your Rewards Program is by far the best… It is an A+ when you can receive a bonus after your purchases. Thanks!”

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If you’re a collector who’s new to the Littleton Coin Company, here’s a quick tour of the exchange program we launched in 1954.

Free Shipping

Just nine years after we opened our doors, John Gayton, an energetic copywriter, came to work for us and proposed the rewards program as a way to say “thank you” to customers. The exchange was – and still is – straightforward: You receive 10 points for every $1 you spend at Littleton Coin Company. When you accumulate enough points, you redeem them for free coins, or paper currency, or even collecting supplies, all from us.

Quickly put into practice, it was a hit – especially at stretching collectors’ budgets. “I am particularly pleased with your Rewards Points program; it saves me money,” B.P. of Millersburg, MI shared with us. We’re glad to know that, B.P. Thank you!

Rewards Points Website - Littletoin Coin Blog

When the time came for us to go digital, in 2009 we designed an application that lets customers keep track online of their Rewards Points. And we made exclusive Rewards offers available only on our website, too. K.B. of Sparta, TN, commented, “What I like most about Littleton’s Rewards Points is that you have changed to electronic Points and I don’t have to keep up with paper points.”

Added J.W. of Canton, IL, “[I am particularly pleased with] being able to browse the webpage and order on a secure site. And getting Rewards Points with every order.”

Want a digital account with Littleton Coin Company that lets you view your Rewards Points and our web-only offers? Sign up here. Just remember: Our points are non-transferable. Only the person who accumulated the points can redeem them for merchandise. And they can’t be converted to cash.

Best of all? Shipping is free on any Littleton merchandise you choose with your Rewards Points!

When Tokens Ruled

In ancient times, Egyptian rulers used a point system for payment during the construction of the pyramids. Workers could trade their points for raw and finished goods. Most often they swapped their points for food.

In the late 18th century, the concept of trade tokens appeared in the United States. Merchant-driven, they were used for a variety of purposes, from encouraging attendance at traveling shows, to getting the public to try the new streetcars, to retailers using them to boost in-store sales.

A pair that carries some numismatic nostalgia are these trade tokens by the now long-gone Gem Coin Company of Marathon, WI. Were they given out as a promotion to bring in potential customers? Could they have been applied towards the purchase of a coin that caught the attention of a new and curious collector? We might never know for sure, but they do make a nice complement to a coin collection – especially if you hail from Wisconsin!

Redeem Within 5 Years

Littleton's wish book covers through the years - Littleton Coin Blog

Each year our customers redeem their Rewards Points for over $1,000,000 in free merchandise from Littleton Coin Company. R.B. of Redwood Valley, CA wrote to tell us “I like the idea of Littleton Rewards Points [and the ability] to keep and redeem [them].” Just remember, there is a time limit. Accounts that are dormant for more than five years will see their Rewards Points expire. Check out our FAQ page for frequently asked questions on how our program works.

There’s plenty of opportunity to trade in your points for merchandise, however. Twice a year, we publish a small-size catalog called Littleton Rewards Wish Book (originally launched as Profit Shares). Its compact pages carry a wide variety of coins, paper currency and useful supplies, each with the number of points needed for redemption.

Choices have included such dream coins as four silver WWII Liberty Walking half dollars for 46,100 points and the ultra-pragmatic Phonescope magnifier. It clips to most smartphones, and you only need to redeem 5,400 points instead of paying $25.95. From time to time, we also insert special pages in our full-size seasonal catalogs. Not only do we list Rewards merchandise and corresponding points, but we make Rewards easy to use by making redemption available by mail and also on the phone.

No matter how you participate in Littleton Coin’s Rewards Points, it’s sure to bring you joy as you expand how you collect. But don’t take our word for it. We’ll leave you with the lively words of J.S. of Elgin, IA: “I like to use the Points to get Proof coins and paper money! Points are my mad money in coin collecting. It’s great!”

This article was written by Helen P.

An adventurous time-traveler, Helen P. is an author of numerous regional history books.

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