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A “sneak peek” at Littleton Coin’s 75th Anniversary next year!

In 2020, Littleton Coin Company will celebrate its 75th anniversary. It’s a proud milestone for all of us at Littleton Coin. It’s a time to thank our customers for 75 years of support with

D-Day’s 75th Anniversary Honored on Coins and Currency

As wind blew through early morning darkness 75 years ago on June 6, 1944, Operation Neptune was underway. It would be the largest seaborne landing in military history to date. Gusts up to 24

Theme for 2019 National Coin Week honors 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

“Discover the Past, Envision the Future” The theme for 2019 National Coin Week from April 21-27 is “Discover the Past, Envision the Future.” It was inspired by the 50th anniversary of the first moon

Special collector alert…
The Great American Coin Hunt is on!

Coin collecting is returning to its roots this year during National Coin Week! From April 21-27, 2019, the Great American Coin Hunt is on. During this event, dealers from across the nation will be