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Coin returns turn curiosity in to full-blown collecting excitement!

About a year ago, I had the privilege of meeting a cool little guy named Sam. He’s a Webelos Cub Scout who’s resourceful, crafty and loves to build things. After he found out I

Three coin collectors win BIG!
…by sharing their amazing collector stories

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the things I love most about working in Customer Service here at LCC is the collector stories we hear from customers. It’s a

Little League Ump keeps coin collecting alive!

Baseball, Apple Pie and… 1943 Cents? Collectors are like snowflakes – each one is unique – and has their own opinion on subjects like: what is better to collect, how a certain coin should

Lost and Found Coin Hoards and Treasures

Q. David Bowers’ stories captivate both collectors and non-collectors alike Indiana Jones, Treasure Island and the TV reality series The Curse of Oak Island… stories of adventure and riches have intrigued us for thousands