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Hail to the Chiefs!
A Salute to America’s Commanders-in-Chief this Presidents’ Day

Yesterday, we celebrated Presidents’ Day here in the U.S.! Regardless of your political affiliation, this holiday is one with a noble history. It got its official start in 1885, when the holiday was established

Dreams of Striking It Rich

In the untamed West, trappers-turned-miners dreamed of striking it rich. They weren’t alone. There were three adventurers whose mining forays didn’t pan out, but their printed words did. As they became successful, each recounted

The President, The Numismatist and The Peace Dollar

What do a tireless coin promoter, a Roaring Twenties look for Lady Liberty and a hopeful U.S. presidential candidate have in common? Keep reading to find out what happened as America returned to normalcy

Celebrating 100 “eventful” years of Veterans Day (Armistice Day)

Celebrated each November 11, Veterans Day was first observed 100 years ago on November 11, 1919. It honored the armistice that ended the fighting in WWI a year earlier on November 11, 1918. So