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The World’s First Coin Collector?

Julius Caesar Morphing from a republic to an empire, Rome churned in controversy. Its monetary system was in chaos. The assassination of Julius Caesar that had plunged Rome into political turmoil in 44 B.C., saw

Big, Bold, Beautiful Coins that Stand Out

When it comes to big, bold, beautiful coins, size matters. The larger the coin’s surface, the more room there is to display the minter’s art. The stronger the strike, coupled with the least amount

Thomas Jefferson’s Coin Collection, Part 2

As we covered in Part 1 of this series, early America suffered from a coinage crisis – there simply weren’t enough British coins in the colonies to go around. So colonists used anything they

Thomas Jefferson’s Coin Collection

Thomas Jefferson is one of America’s most recognized founding fathers – and rightly so. He was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence. He served as our nation’s first secretary of state and