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Types of Coin Finishes
How many do you have in your collection?

Experienced collectors know coins are minted in a variety of ways. But do you know the differences between the types of coin finishes? If you find them confusing, you’re not alone. With so many

Littleton’s Heads & Tails blog ranked in Top 10
coin blogs for collectors and numismatists

Did you know Littleton Coin Company’s Heads & Tails blog is ranked among the Top 10 coin blogs for coin collectors and numismatists? It’s true. And while we don’t usually like to toot our

Collecting the Twelve Caesars

There are many things I love about coin collecting. But one thing I love most is the way coins let you – literally – hold history in the palms of your hands. And you

10 Denominations of U.S. Gold coins:
Can you name them all?

Quick question: How many denominations of U.S. gold coins can you name? Since the Coinage Act of 1792 established the U.S. Mint, it has produced 20 official denominations of U.S. coins. And would you