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Expand your collecting horizons with the Littleton Coin Company Learn Center!

There’s so much to discover… If there’s one thing Littleton Coin Company prides itself on, it’s sharing knowledge and insider hobby tips with our collector friends. That’s why we created the Littleton Coin Company

First Do No Harm

The idea for this Heads & Tails blog came up in the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic. As employee-owners of Littleton Coin, we started early exploring ways to stay safe and healthy so

The next BIG THING: Littleton Coin Company’s Virtual Albums!

It took some effort to get off the ground, but the next big thing in coin collecting is here – Littleton Coin Company’s Virtual Albums! Let’s face it – it’s great adding coins to

Holders that Protect Your Coins

Why slab isn’t about bacon The excitement of getting a new coin for your collection is undeniable – especially when you’re starting out. It could be the type of coin, the luster, the age