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Enjoy our Top 10 unique & unforgettable coin gifts for 2022!

One of my favorite times of year is here again! Even though the temperatures keep dropping (at least here in northern New England), it always gives me a warm feeling searching out the best

Are you making these coin collecting mistakes?

Coin collecting can be an exciting, educational and rewarding hobby. Few other pastimes bring history to life in such a tangible way. And while numismatics was once the exclusive domain of the wealthy, today

What are my coins worth?

Littleton Coin Buyer Bill discusses a design for the new Personal Coin Appraisal Kit with Elaine, Senior Designer Supervisor. Whether you’re a collector who hasn’t been active in years or you’ve inherited a collection,

Space-saving and economical
Enhance your collection with the Top 5 Littleton Coin Folders

In a recent blog article, I gave you an insider’s look at the Top 5 Coin Album titles that Littleton offers. Now, let’s take a peek at their collecting “cousins,” with the Top 5