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Are you making these coin collecting mistakes?

Coin collecting can be an exciting, educational and rewarding hobby. Few other pastimes bring history to life in such a tangible way. And while numismatics was once the exclusive domain of the wealthy, today

What are my coins worth?

Littleton Coin Buyer Bill discusses a design for the new Personal Coin Appraisal Kit with Elaine, Senior Designer Supervisor. Whether you’re a collector who hasn’t been active in years or you’ve inherited a collection,

Space-saving and economical
Enhance your collection with the Top 5 Littleton Coin Folders

In a recent blog article, I gave you an insider’s look at the Top 5 Coin Album titles that Littleton offers. Now, let’s take a peek at their collecting “cousins,” with the Top 5

Coin Collecting on the Go

The numismatic hobby – collecting coins and/or paper money – can be both fun and rewarding. And one of the greatest joys comes from sharing your collection with family and friends. Showing the coins