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First Do No Harm

The idea for this Heads & Tails blog came up in the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic. As employee-owners of Littleton Coin, we started early exploring ways to stay safe and healthy so

The next BIG THING: Littleton Coin Company’s Virtual Albums!

It took some effort to get off the ground, but the next big thing in coin collecting is here – Littleton Coin Company’s Virtual Albums! Let’s face it – it’s great adding coins to

Holders that Protect Your Coins

Why slab isn’t about bacon The excitement of getting a new coin for your collection is undeniable – especially when you’re starting out. It could be the type of coin, the luster, the age

Discover 9 Major Numismatic Firsts!

The story of coins and paper money is filled with fascinating “firsts.” They relate to issues, designs, sizes, compositions, colors and more. You’ll find 9 important numismatic firsts here. But there are others that