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Discover 9 Major Numismatic Firsts!

The story of coins and paper money is filled with fascinating “firsts.” They relate to issues, designs, sizes, compositions, colors and more. You’ll find 9 important numismatic firsts here. But there are others that

Celebrating the Events and Anniversaries of 2018

Whether someone is celebrating a victory or triumph, or whether it’s in remembrance and honor, people tend to mark the anniversaries of important occasions. In 2018, there are some big (and just plain interesting)

Collectors Take Note! – New $1 “American Innovation” Coin Coming

A new one-dollar coin series is expected to launch early next year. Initially introduced to Congress in 2016, the American Innovation $1 Coin Act became law Friday, July 20th, with President Donald Trump’s signature.

Omm is not a yoga chant
Overdate & Over Mint Marks

OD isn’t officer of the day and O-M-M isn’t the yoga chant… Overdate and over mint mark are terms collectors use when talking about die varieties. I thought I’d talk a little bit about