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Have you heard the buzz?
Littleton’s Virtual Albums are the Fun, Free way to track your collection!

About three years ago, we launched an exciting new online tool for collectors – Littleton’s Virtual Albums! We kept hearing from customers who wanted a better way to track the coins in their collection

Discover the intrigue and bravery of Ancient Greece
With this Exclusively Colorized $2 Note Series from Littleton!

It’s no secret that Littleton’s artists consistently fire on all cylinders. The market for special colorized coins and paper money continues to grow, and we’re always excited to meet that demand! The result of

A tale of Treasure
The Lost Gold of the Confederacy

As the Civil War’s end became increasingly apparent, President Jefferson Davis and top members of his government retreated further south. In early April 1865, rumors ran rampant that they carried with them an impressive

The man… the myths… the legends.
Entrance to King Tut’s tomb discovered 100 years ago!

As 1922 neared its end, a team of intrepid explorers led by British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered a step in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. It was a groundbreaking discovery – at the time,