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Behind the Scenes

Has Your Showcase Been to a World Mint?

A couple of weeks ago, we suggested U.S. mints you might visit now that travel restrictions related to the pandemic are easing. We also let you know Littleton Coin is relaunching its popular customer

Where Have You Been with Your Showcase?

Going to any location where our money is made is a unique experience. As the pandemic lifts and many destinations re-evaluate their visitor protocols, we’re thinking about historic U.S. mints and coin collecting museums

Convenient Collecting with Coins on Approval

First-edition, hardcover Once upon a time, amassing anything – coins, stamps, postcards, first-edition books – involved going to a trade show or looking at what was available in a bricks-and-mortar store. But after World

The Language and Anatomy of Coins

As with most hobbies, the world of numismatics – better known as coin collecting – has developed something of a language all its own. Collectors new to the hobby may find some of these