Littleton Coin Company

Behind the Scenes

1964 Morgan Dollar galvanos discovered!

Littleton’s president David Sundman was there… Little did David Sundman know when he toured the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia with a group of friends and numismatic researchers over a year ago he’d be there

“Silver Dollar Salute” a big part of
military commissioning ceremonies

You may know that a U.S. Army commissioning ceremony includes taking the oath of office and receiving second lieutenant shoulder boards. But you may not know that the exchange of a silver dollar plays

4 Takeaways from receiving the ANA’s Harry J. Forman Dealer of the Year Award

Littleton Coin Company president shares his 4 takeaways Recently the American Numismatic Association honored me with the 2016 Dealer of the Year Award. This prestigious award goes to a dealer who has shown exceptional

How Modern Coins are Made

You hold them in your hand, jingle them in your pocket, and flip them to make decisions – but have you ever wondered how coins are made? It’s one of those random musings that