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Behind the Scenes

How Modern Coins are Made

You hold them in your hand, jingle them in your pocket, and flip them to make decisions – but have you ever wondered how coins are made? It’s one of those random musings that

2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Coin – Combats Cancer & Funds Research

It could be your sister, your wife, your mother or daughter… this year alone over 249,000 women are expected to receive the shocking news “you have breast cancer!” I received it over 15 years

Behind the scenes look at Colorized Coins

Recently a customer asked about how we colorized our coins, so I thought I’d tell you more about the process in this week’s post. Interest in colorized coins reflects an evolving hobby and collector.

President Roosevelt seeks beautiful American coinage

But there is dissension among the ranks. Most coin collectors and numismatists are aware of the Saint-Gaudens $20 Gold Piece. The gold double eagle is a highly collectible coin known for its beauty and