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Behind the Scenes

Introducing… Pat C. our Gold Coins Sweepstakes winner

Sometimes it’s inspiring to hear about someone who’s actually won a collector’s sweepstake. So it’s with pleasure I introduce the winner of Littleton’s gold half eagle and quarter eagle sweepstakes – Patricia or “Pat.”

Littleton Select Quality Coins

How we find quality in today’s market… Last month you got a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to become a grader in Littleton’s Coin Buying department… Now, I’d like to tell you about

10 great coin books to add to your collector’s bookshelf

As a copywriter at Littleton Coin Company, I have certain reference books I turn to frequently, and keep right at my fingertips! These books provide numismatic facts and background that I need to write

LCC Behind the Scenes: Customer Service

Soon, Littleton Coin Company will celebrate its 70th year in business. And there’s no one who deserves thanks for that more than our loyal customers! That’s why we value our customers’ happiness so much…