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Lost and Found Coin Hoards and Treasures

Q. David Bowers’ stories captivate both collectors and non-collectors alike Indiana Jones, Treasure Island and the TV reality series The Curse of Oak Island… stories of adventure and riches have intrigued us for thousands

History of Coin Collecting

This special contributor copy is by Joe O’Donnell, digital content producer of CoinWorld.  See full bio below. Digging deep, literally, to explore coin collecting before the United States ever struck its own coins, it’s

Tales from the ANA show by our social media man, Rick!

How I spent my summer vacation… The title may be a bit misleading. It wasn’t really all summer, only a week. Also, it wasn’t really a vacation, it was hard work! All in all,

Introducing… Pat C. our Gold Coins Sweepstakes winner

Sometimes it’s inspiring to hear about someone who’s actually won a collector’s sweepstake. So it’s with pleasure I introduce the winner of Littleton’s gold half eagle and quarter eagle sweepstakes – Patricia or “Pat.”