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V-J Day (Victory Over Japan) on September 2nd marks the end of a great nationwide American effort

Seventy-five years ago in 1945, Japan laid down its arms on August 14th and officially surrendered on September 2nd. It marked the end of WWII, and September 2nd has been celebrated ever since as

50 years ago: America had unrest in 1970 as well

Our country may be facing challenges and civil unrest in 2020. But 50 years ago, in 1970, America had its trials and tribulations as well… War in Southeast Asia As 1970 U.S. Mint Sets

Coin collecting has grown dramatically during Littleton’s 75 years in business

When Littleton Coin Company was founded 75 years ago in 1945 by Maynard and Fannie Sundman, coin collecting was still in its infancy compared to today. Oh, there had long been a small number

100 years ago, the unsuccessful 18th Amendment went into effect

One hundred years ago on January 17, 1920, it became illegal to make, transport or sell “intoxicating liquor.” The 18th Amendment prohibiting these activities was ratified a year earlier on January 16, 1919. To