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Behind the Scenes of the America 250th Set!

The United States of America will celebrate her 250th birthday on July 4, 2026. In celebration of the Declaration of Independence, Littleton Coin Company has created a spectacular set that recounts the road of

Long live the King!
Inside the Coronation of King Charles III

It’s been 70 years since the last coronation of a monarch took place in Great Britain, and my how times have changed. The event celebrating King Charles III will be only the second televised.

Hawaiian Honored on 2023 Quarter

Mention ancient civilizations to a coin collector, and Mesopotamia might come to mind. But 100 years or so before the collapse of Rome, another early empire, one civilization was expanding. Far away, in the

New Release Spotlight:
Collecting 2023 U.S. Dollars

Each year, coin collectors are eager to see all the new issues. And this year, if you collect dollar coins, you won’t be disappointed! That’s because the U.S. Mint plans to release a veritable