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All that glitters…
Introducing the NEW 2021 Gold American Eagle Design!

2021 $50 1 oz. Gold American Eagle Although the American Silver Eagle has received plenty of coverage this year for its changing reverse design, it’s not the only long-running U.S. bullion coin getting a

Who’s the baby on the Sacagawea dollars?

Most coin collectors know the woman whose image graces the Native American dollar is none other than Sacagawea. Which makes sense. After all, the coins were officially called Sacagawea dollars when the series was

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…

Many were hoping for a lining of gold in the thunder clouds gathering over the country – both onshore and off. The year was 1857. The date was August 24. The Ohio Life Insurance

Celebrate the Holidays in Style with Littleton Custom Coins

It’s no surprise that personalized gifts are on the rise! The question for this new age remains: how do you capture top memories in a way that will last forever? Here at Littleton Coin,