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A tale of Treasure
The Lost Gold of the Confederacy

As the Civil War’s end became increasingly apparent, President Jefferson Davis and top members of his government retreated further south. In early April 1865, rumors ran rampant that they carried with them an impressive

One Giant Leap for Women

Fourteen years after Neil Armstrong famously said from the moon’s surface, “One giant leap for mankind,” Dr. Sally Ride made the giant leap into space for American women in 1983. Ride’s latest news-making leap

The Look of Freedom

Liberty received a radiating crown to wear on the 1921 Peace dollar. But before that, our national symbol wore a different design on her head. Let’s look at some sought-after coins featuring the cap

Collecting the Twelve Caesars

There are many things I love about coin collecting. But one thing I love most is the way coins let you – literally – hold history in the palms of your hands. And you