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How many coins can you collect to celebrate a historic landing?

It was hurricane season. The voyage was stormy. The Mayflower dipped and rose with each ocean swell and gust of wind. Below the trading vessel’s deck, families huddled for safety. They were a mix

Innovators on US Coins: A centuries-old American tradition

Since 1783, US coins have featured great American innovators – and assembling a set of these coins for your collection can be a fascinating and rewarding experience. The US Innovations dollars series has proven

Move over, error coins…Star notes are highly collectible, too!

Every coin collector knows discovering a double-punch, a missing mint mark, or even an extra tail feather is the thrill of finding an error coin. But did you know paper money collectors experience a

Nickels Recount America’s Most Epic Expedition

Wilderness survival training: Check! Transportation: Check! Diplomacy: Check! Meriwether Lewis and William Clark had those skills, plus a few good men, when they set out to explore the natural resources of the Louisiana Purchase