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‘Who’s on first’ Collecting Baseball Coins?

Hit a home run with these coins! Baseball’s Opening Day is next week. It’s the earliest opener ever! So, we thought we’d share Littleton Coin Company’s enthusiasm with America’s most popular pastime by checking

Celebrating U.S. Cents!

More than a pretty profile Large, small, historic or modern, the ubiquitous cent has – like a model on a fashion runway – gone through eight obverse designs during its existence as the country’s

The changing face of U.S. Proof Coins

High-quality Proof coins are minted in limited quantities for collectors. They feature extra-sharp designs and pristine background surfaces. People love collecting Proofs because of the quality of each coin. Made by a special process

Coins honor 50th Anniversary of the First Men on the Moon!

The 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing is honored by Littleton Coin Company and mints around the world on coins and other collectibles.