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The Tale of A Roman Emperor who was almost lost to history

During its impressive history, the mighty Roman Empire was filled with leaders both noble and shocking. Thanks to their written histories and the coins issued in their names, we still hold information about their

The pushmi-pullyu allure of coins and stamps

Many collectors recall our early history from 75 years ago, when we started out as the Littleton Stamp Company. Then, in six short years we diversified into coins. Perfect pairing! Even though we split

V-J Day (Victory Over Japan) on September 2nd marks the end of a great nationwide American effort

Seventy-five years ago in 1945, Japan laid down its arms on August 14th and officially surrendered on September 2nd. It marked the end of WWII, and September 2nd has been celebrated ever since as

The Fascinating Tale of the Former Manila Mint

Ask collectors to name off the US Mints, both past and present, and they’ll likely give you the eight most common: Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, West Point, Carson City, New Orleans, Charlotte and Dahlonega.