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Your Pets Here!

Whether we choose them – or they choose us! – our pets are our best companions. Fur, feathers, scales, no matter their exteriors, their presence provides us with countless hours of joy and recreation.

Who Were America’s Greatest Generation?

Patriotism. Resourcefulness. Fortitude. Determination. When thinking of the people born in America at the turn of the 20th century, there are many words that spring to mind but perhaps none more so than perseverance. This

Meet Pioneering Lawyer, Poet & Priest Pauli Murray

Before we get to the first 2024 U.S. Womens quarter, let’s take a quick look back at history.  The year is 1910. Women don’t have the right to vote. Native Americans aren’t considered U.S.

Collector Spotlight: Highlighting the NEW Coins of King Charles III

The first coins bearing the portrait of new monarch King Charles III debuted last year in 2023. This marked a BIG change for world coin collectors. For nearly 70 years – from her coronation