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Liberty & Freedom Forever!

Brand awareness goes back thousands of years. Emperors used their profiles and statues to ensure their influence and allegiance. If we leap forward into the post-WWII decades, America’s advertising historians might point to whiz

Franklin & the Other Mrs. Ross

Mention Franklin and Ross in the same sentence, and the young widow who stitched an early version of the American flag, Betsy Griscom Ross, leaps to mind. After all, both lived in Philadelphia as

7 Surprising Facts about Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt graces one of the five new 2023 quarters in the Women Quarters Series. This commemorative coin was designed by Don Everhart, from the Artistic Infusion Program and sculpted by Craig A. Campbell,

Gold! Gold! Gold from the American River!

When gold was discovered in California in 1848, no one could have predicted the cascade of events that would change the course of American history. Meet John Sutter, a self-proclaimed Swiss military captain. He