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Will a U.S. coin ever honor Martin Luther King Jr.?

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is observed each year on the 3rd Monday of January. Close to his January 15 birthday, the holiday honors America’s champion of racial equality and justice. This Baptist minister

China’s 2019 Year of the Pig brings special coins from several countries!

The Chinese zodiac has long been a great theme for coins. The zodiac is a repeating 12-year cycle, with each year representing an animal and its reputed characteristics. Animals make interesting images on coins.

Making Memories With Mickey Mouse

Happy Belated Birthday, Mickey! The official 90th birthday portrait of Mickey called “Spreading Happiness Around the World” (shown left) was painted by renowned Disney animator Mark Henn and portrays Mickey doing what he does

How to Be a Gift Genie!

Littleton Coin Company elves have been busy stocking our shelves with all kinds of gift ideas to help you find something for everyone of any age! Thanks to a recent sit-down with sales and