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Modern day Treasure Hunt for Coin Collectors!
Coin collecting & metal detecting

What better way to grow your coin collection than finding them yourself? A perfect way to combined two epic hobbies is coin collecting and metal detecting!  Coins are some of the most common finds

Eyes on These Eagle Tails

The fearless eagle has been part of our American story for 240 years. It almost wasn’t. If Ben Franklin had had his way, our national bird would have been a turkey! Building consensus for

Have you heard the buzz?
Littleton’s Virtual Albums are the Fun, Free way to track your collection!

About three years ago, we launched an exciting new online tool for collectors – Littleton’s Virtual Albums! We kept hearing from customers who wanted a better way to track the coins in their collection

More Than a Suffragist

Suffragist Nina Otero-Warren was the first woman from New Mexico to run for a Congressional seat in 1922. One hundred years later, she’s celebrated on a 2022 quarter. She is the fourth accomplished woman