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Back to School the Numismatic Way!

How do you spend August? Looking for ways to beat the heat? Gathering with family and friends for one last barbecue? Shopping end-of-season sales? If you’re anything like my family of school teachers, summer’s

Where do you turn when you want the best… the most popular… the greatest for your collection?

There are certain coins that collectors just gravitate toward. Firsts. Lasts. Low mintage pieces and eye-catching errors. These tend to consistently be at the top of collectors’ lists. But even looking for items on

What is toning – and why are some collectors always on the hunt for it?

Many collectors seek out beautifully toned coins for their collections - these unique coins are highly desired. Discover why with Littleton Coin Company!

50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

“One giant leap” – one giant memory! When U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong put the first footprint on the moon 50 years ago, his words captured the moment… “That’s one small step for [a] man,