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Five Forgotten U.S. Denominations

Quick question: How many U.S. coin denominations can you name? Most people can name five – the cent, nickel, dime, quarter and half dollar. Six, if they remember the many dollar coins, like gold

The Man, The Money

2021 Colorized Washington Crossing the Delaware Silver American Eagle During his lifetime, George Washington turned down all attempts to honor him on U.S. currency of any kind, including a refusal to have his portrait

Looking for the perfect "token" of your affection? Love-themed coins make the perfect Valentine’s gifts!

Valentine’s Day has questionable origins that date back to ancient Rome. However, its first known reference as a holiday of romance was in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. First published sometime around 1380, Chaucer’s poem,

Legends on the Libertad

Few coinage stories are as captivating as those whose designs offer a beautiful mix of symbols celebrating history and heritage. Back in 1982, Mexico issued the world’s first silver bullion, the Libertad. That’s a