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Recalling the golden railroad spike that connected the country 150 years ago

Celebrating the “Golden Spike” that connected the country 150 years ago! This year marks the 150th anniversary of a major milestone for our country. On March 10, 1869, a golden railroad spike was driven

Native American Coin Collecting on the Rise

Poet, writer and musician Joy Harjo started her role in September as our country’s 23rd poet laureate, and the first Native American ever to hold the post. A member of the Muscogee Creek Nation

Celebrating autumn on coins and currency

Coins and currency traditionally picture deities and heads of state. But today, they often represent the issuing country with landscapes, animals, flowers, trees and other natural subjects. And with increasing use of color, these

Looking for Signs of Peace

Thanks to the United Nations, the world observes International Peace Day each year in September. As the date in 2019 is September 21, how about a quick tour of coins whose surfaces bear different