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Heavy metal’s rebellious bad boys – AC/DC – are wildly popular with coin collectors! So much so that world coins commemorating the seminal band started by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young sold out the

The Story Behind…
High Denomination U.S. Notes

There’s just a special feeling to pulling a $50 or $100 bill out of your wallet. Now, imagine doing that with a $500… or even $10,000 note! Once, there was a time when that

NEW Innovation Dollar Design honors one of NH’s many claims to fame

Here at Littleton Coin, we’re always excited to see a new issue roll off the mint presses. New coin designs are always interesting to see, with great history behind them! But certain designs land

Celebrating a Silver Centennial – it’s the
100th Anniversary of the Last Morgan & First Peace Dollar!

America in 1921… a new president was inaugurated, the world continued its work to recover from a global pandemic and Albert Einstein won the Nobel Peace Prize in physics. Thank goodness for that last