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Hawaiian Honored on 2023 Quarter

Mention ancient civilizations to a coin collector, and Mesopotamia might come to mind. But 100 years or so before the collapse of Rome, another early empire, one civilization was expanding. Far away, in the

“Queen Bess” Coleman Flies Into Coinage History

When astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison flew into space in September 1992 as the first African American woman, she carried with her a photograph of Bessie Coleman. Just 70 years earlier, in September of 1922,

The 4 Must-Have Lincoln Cent Varieties

1909 Lincoln Head Cent Ever since the first Lincoln Head Cent was issued in 1909 on the centennial of President Abraham Lincoln’s birth, this smallest of U.S. modern denominations has been popular with collectors.

5 Regal Raptors Worthy of Collecting

Ever since ancient civilizations switched from bartering to buying with coins, eagles have appeared as design motifs. Found in habitats around the globe, these powerful raptors as currency devices have symbolized the strategic combination