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Whether we choose them – or they choose us! – our pets are our best companions. Fur, feathers, scales, no matter their exteriors, their presence provides us with countless hours of joy and recreation. What better way to celebrate them than on a custom coin or bank note.

As National Pet Day approaches on April 11, Littleton Coin is helping customers combine their love of currency collecting with a salute to their pets. Let’s take a look at the seven different numismatic choices in three different categories.

Say it with a Showpak®

Adoring, goofy, protective, cute or inquisitive, you name it, our pets are photogenic – especially with the right backdrop.

Maggie on a Native American Dollar Showpak - Littleton Coin Blog

“I decided to do custom with our dog for my husband,” said Susan A. about the couple’s Australian Shepherd. “He got Maggie as a puppy when we were dating, but then I went to college, so it was just the two of them for a couple years, and I know how special their friendship is.”

More than that, “I thought it would be nice to honor our first taste of parenthood with our pup before she gets promoted to Big Sister or Guard Dog,” she added, laughing.

Susan described ordering her custom coins as a straightforward process. “First you choose which type of coin or currency you want to add your own image to.”

The couple together chose the Native American Dollar Showpak “because it was better orientated to show a portrait photo, including the sunset in the background!”

Each Showpak measures 5” x 3” and customers can choose a portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) lay-out. They also have their choice of coins: Native American or American Eagle silver dollars or Kennedy half dollars.

Maggie on the obverse of a Kennedy Half Dollar - Littleton Coin Blog

“You simply upload the picture you want… and then size it to how you want it to look,” Susan continued. “I made a couple different versions to choose from and then made my decision.”

But with the purchase so affordable, Susan splurged and put Maggie on a 2024 half dollar for herself. “The Kennedy was better for a focused portrait photo.

“The nice thing was the image itself did not need to be close up because you can position the image and zoom in,” she said of the pose she chose of Maggie hanging her head out the window on a sunny summer day.

“It looks like she is smiling,” Susan added. When her envelopes arrived, she noted the colorized Kennedy half came with a stand – “a pleasant little surprise!”

Colorize a Coin’s Obverse                         

Who hasn’t tried (at least once) to dress up a beloved companion for Halloween?! Or, Easter… or Fourth of July…even for National Pet Day? OK, so maybe they weren’t into wearing a costume. Maybe they preferred posing with a favorite human.

Ruby and Blue  on a Kennedy half dollar - Littleton Coin Blog

In Peggy K.’s case, her yellow lab, Blue, “is a mellow boy who loves to be loved,” and her visiting niece and nephew “fell in love with him.”

Peggy took an annual tradition she had started with gifting Kennedy halves in ornament holders at Christmas, and transitioned the coin to feature her young relatives, each with Blue.

“I do personalize with ‘Merry Christmas Ruby’ putting each name at the top then add a caption on the bottom,” Peggy explained, using her niece as an example. One year, the lower inside rim was captioned ‘Ruby and Blue in NH 2022’. 

“This way they will know where they were when the picture was taken,” she added.

To colorize an obverse with a personal pet image, customers can choose Kennedy halves that leave intact the reverse showing Frank Gasparro’s design of the modified US. Shield or an American Eagle silver dollar, with Emily Damstra’s Landing Eagle reverse. 

Either coin will come with a stand that’s ideal for a desktop, mantle, bookcase, or window sill. If you want to hang your colorized coin on a tree or plant, you can add an ornament holder to your order.

The Expanse of Federal Reserve Notes

But of all seven numismatic choices customers have to celebrate National Pet Day, Federal Reserve Notes offer the largest canvas with 5.8” x 2.25” available.

Dogs on the $2 Note - LIttleton Coin Blog

The back of a $2 note features the engraving of John Trumbull’s famous 1826 painting Declaration of Independence that hangs in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol building. The back of the $1 note renders the denomination in Gothic letters. Either note is ideal for a memorable moment with Bowser, Minou, Woodstock or Dora.

For your pets, there’s nothing like personalized coins, paper money and Showpaks from Littleton!

This article was written by Helen P.

An adventurous time-traveler, Helen P. is an author of numerous regional history books.

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