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Discover the Mystery of Captain Kidd’s Treasure

We’ve all dreamed of it… discovering a horde of pirate’s booty, thought to be lost forever to the depths of Davy Jones’ locker. Or locating the sweet spot on a treasure map – the

Exploring the tradition of placing Coins in Foundations of Homes for Luck!

I’m always fascinated when I come across a new tradition involving coins (like the money cake, or coins left at grave sites). Here’s one that was new to me: placing coins in the foundation

A Century of Celebration:
The Origins of National Coin Week

It’s been quite a month for collectors. Here at Littleton, we held our exciting Silver Dollar Sweepstakes giving collectors the chance to win not one, but FIFTY 2023 American Silver Eagles. And with each

Remembering Orville Wright

Did you know January 30, 2023 marked the 75th anniversary of the passing of Orville Wright, one of the greatest pioneers? Along with his brother, Wilbur, Orville ushered in a new era when they