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Guest Writer Mark Archambault talks about his collecting passion and meeting David Sundman

Mark Archambault has been a coin collector for over 40 years. He is a long-standing member of the Coin Collectors of America (C4OA), and a numismatic writer. Recently, he and his brother came to

Working with coins can “change” your perspective!

It’s funny to look back and notice how one decision changed your world. A big one for me was my choice to build a career around writing about coins. I used to spend money

Secrets of an Old Coin Bank

How a family heirloom helped shape a career… Nearly fifteen years ago, my grandmother Florence gave me a simple hand-stitched suede pouch with a drawstring. What was inside would connect me to my past,

Why I love the coins of the ’40s

The 1940s was my parents’ decade, just like the ’70s was mine. When I see coins of the ’40s, they remind me of them. They lived in the same rural Vermont town where my