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Working with coins can “change” your perspective!

It’s funny to look back and notice how one decision changed your world. A big one for me was my choice to build a career around writing about coins. I used to spend money

Secrets of an Old Coin Bank

How a family heirloom helped shape a career… Nearly fifteen years ago, my grandmother Florence gave me a simple hand-stitched suede pouch with a drawstring. What was inside would connect me to my past,

Why I love the coins of the ’40s

The 1940s was my parents’ decade, just like the ’70s was mine. When I see coins of the ’40s, they remind me of them. They lived in the same rural Vermont town where my

Doorstop turns out to be Rare Carson City Mint Die

Everyone dreams of discovering treasure in their basement, attic or barn… I know I do! In fact, there are dozens of TV shows that highlight finds. A real life “treasure” story unfolded this year