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Littleton’s Learn Center

There’s so much to discover…

If there’s one thing Littleton Coin Company prides itself on, it’s sharing knowledge and insider hobby tips with our collector friends. That’s why we created the Littleton Coin Company Learn Center!

It’s super easy to find. You can visit, or simply scroll to the bottom of our home page at, and click on “Visit our Learn Center”.

Voila – you’re in the Littleton Coin Company Learn Center! From here, there’s a wealth of information just waiting to be discovered. And it’s all organized into easy-to-view categories! Choose from:

  • Learn about coins – these links take you to interesting articles about the history of coins and paper money, information about U.S. coins by type, definitions for important collecting terms, and a handy grading guide
  • How to get started collecting – here, you’ll find a welcome letter from our Chairman, David Sundman, information for beginners, and guidance on building a collection you can be proud of!
  • Build your coin collection – discover our library of informative, FREE collecting guides covering a range of popular collectibles. Plus, find collector checklists that will help you stay organized, and the release schedule for popular upcoming items!
  • Protect and display your coins – find tips on caring for your coins and paper money, and learn more about coin holders and custom Littleton albums and folders!
  • News & articles about coins and collecting – read interesting articles and stories from well-known numismatic authors, see what’s in the news at Littleton Coin Company, and find links to other trusted resource sites!

On top of all these informative articles, you can also find a link to one of the videos on our popular YouTube channel, discover our page dedicated to information on the National Park quarters series, and find fun collecting resources for kids!

Have you ever checked out the Littleton Coin Company Learn Center before? If you have, what’s your favorite article or story? I’d love to hear about it below…

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