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Who’s the baby on the Sacagawea dollars?

Most coin collectors know the woman whose image graces the Native American dollar is none other than Sacagawea. Which makes sense. After all, the coins were officially called Sacagawea dollars when the series was...
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Repeat after me… SACK-AH-JA-WE-AH (Sacagawea)!

Without a doubt, I think the most mispronounced name in numismatics (besides the word numismatics itself!) is Sacagawea Dollar. In 2000, the US Mint released the first Sacagawea Dollar into circulation. The obverse side...
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New Release Spotlight:
Collecting 2023 U.S. Dollars

Each year, coin collectors are eager to see all the new issues. And this year, if you collect dollar coins, you won’t be disappointed! That’s because the U.S. Mint plans to release a veritable...
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Happy New Year!
Ringing in the New 2023 Coin Designs

Welcome to 2023! I hope your new year is off to a great start already. Here in the numismatic world, we’re gearing up for a banner year in coin designs. I wanted to share...
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