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Coin Collecting – The ties that bind
How I introduced my kids to collecting

How many times have you heard your child or grandchild say, “I’m bored… or There’s nothing to do!” Around my house it seems like a mantra! A while ago, we had one of those

Does war make “cents”? To Collectors it does!

2017 National Coin Week theme: Conflict & Courage “War… What is it good for…” well coin collectors know, in some cases, conflict creates new coins and currency – most notably the one-year-only 1943 Steel

Repeat after me… SACK-AH-JA-WE-AH (Sacagawea)!

Without a doubt, I think the most mispronounced name in numismatics (besides the word numismatics itself!) is Sacagawea Dollar. In 2000, the US Mint released the first Sacagawea Dollar into circulation. The obverse side

There’s no time like the “present”…
How to Kick Start a Collection During the Holidays!

There’s nothing like time spent with family over the holidays. People come from near and far for a few special, heartwarming days with their loved ones. Only sometimes, once you get together, it can