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How to Kick Start a Collection During the Holidays!

Build a collection during Christmas to share - Littleton Coin BlogThere’s nothing like time spent with family over the holidays. People come from near and far for a few special, heartwarming days with their loved ones. Only sometimes, once you get together, it can be hard to find activities to connect over.

One person likes card games.

Another wants screen time.

And someone else just wants to curl up with a good book.

Native American Dollar - Littleton Coin BlogYou get the idea – it’s hard to find something that everyone can enjoy. But coin collecting is a great way to get people to come together! Whether you approach it from the history angle or from a point of pure numismatics, it’s a hobby that’s fun for people of all ages. It’s not only the coins and paper money, but also what those pieces may have seen during their time of issue.

Maybe it’s as simple as striking up a conversation with a niece or nephew about your favorite coin series. (“Hey Lucy! Have you noticed how different each of the quarters in your pocket look lately?”) Or, you can have your favorite album or folder at the ready to show someone. One of my personal favorites is when relatives have a special coin – think Susan B. Anthony dollars or a “golden” Native American or Presidential dollar – to hand out. Just that simple act of putting a collectible in someone’s hand can trigger the imagination. It’s a great way to get your family and friends thinking about what they’d like to own next!

Remember to keep it simple!

Native American Dollar Showpak - Littleton Coin BlogDon’t forget: when you’re just getting someone into collecting, it’s always a good idea to start with a relatively inexpensive series, or one they can start from pocket change. While little Bobby may LOVE the look of your Gem Morgan collection, he’ll be completely discouraged when he tries to build his own set, even if you DO give him an album. But pull a handful of Lincoln cents out of your pocket, and start showing him the differences between dates and mint marks, and you could be sparking a fascination that will last a lifetime!

If you’re in search of a good place to spark some ideas, look no further than our latest Holiday Gift Collection. I think my favorite item is the Mercury dime necklace – but if you’d like something to hand out to the kiddos, I’d suggest a new Native American dollar in a fun holiday Showpak! It’s a festive, affordable little package that comes with information about the coin, too. Just think, you could start a new tradition this holiday season – one that helps connect your family for years to come!

Do you have a successful story about sharing your hobby? We’d love to hear about it below!

This article was written by Kierstin S.

Since 2000, Kierstin has enjoyed sharing her love of collecting with folks like you.

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