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Silver Bars & Rounds are a Silver Lining for collectors everywhere!

For a few years now, silver rounds and silver bars have been growing in popularity with collectors – and it’s no wonder! Both are struck with a high silver content (they’re usually 99.9% pure silver). Plus, they come in a wide variety of interesting themes that can appeal to just about anyone.

Because silver rounds and silver bars aren’t official government issues, they don’t have legal tender value, and their designs aren’t as strictly limited. This is great for private issuers, who are able to strike these pieces with a wider variety of designs (and these folks are always keeping tabs on what it is their collectors want). From more traditional themes to those that offer something new and different, there are silver rounds and bars that will appeal to just about anyone!

If classic Americana is your thing…

Older American coin designs are beautiful, but some scarcer issues can be out of reach for many budgets. Luckily, there are several silver rounds that honor some of America’s most popular designs and, in some cases, are much more affordable. These are rounds like the Standing Liberty – honoring Hermon A. MacNeil’s bold design on quarters of 1916-1930, or the Indian Head – celebrating the beloved incuse design that was featured only on $2.50 and $5.00 gold coins of 1908-1929! Whether you’re a fan of these handsome designs from the past, or whether you’re looking for a new and interesting way to enhance a collection, these silver rounds are the perfect addition.

Touching gifts of faith

If you’d like a religious token (for yourself, or as a gift for a special occasion like a baptism or confirmation), there are several options out there. The Lord’s Prayer silver round celebrates one of Christianity’s best-known prayers, while silver bars commemorate both Jesus’ crucifixion and the Ten Commandments.

Silver Bars & Rounds are a Silver Lining for collectors everywhere! - Littleton Coin Company Blog

Issues in the popular “privateer” silver round series feature unique designs like Davy Jones’ Locker (top) and the Siren (center). All display a common obverse suggestive of the Jolly Roger (bottom).

Treasure for yer coffers!

Finally, there are the series (and single pieces) that can really make a collector say WOW! They never fail to impress – sometimes because of size, sometimes because of their incredibly detailed designs. Pirates are popular right now, and there have been quite a few 2 oz. silver round designs celebrating that theme – like the Siren and Davy Jones’ Locker pieces. Each of those has been struck in Ultra High Relief, which makes the details really stand out.

For those who enjoy the old-school styling of Hobo nickels, there’s a series of 1 oz. silver rounds honoring that beloved chapter in coinage history! Designs like The Fisherman and The Skull are reminiscent of that classic art, but with a modern twist.

Silver Bars & Rounds are a Silver Lining for collectors everywhere! - Littleton Coin Company Blog

Reminiscent of the Old West, this Prospector silver round features a miner and his mule!

Enhance your collection

From holiday themed silver pieces to those that remind us of the Old West – if you’re looking to own the shine of precious silver, silver rounds and bars are the way to go. Plus, they’re a great gift idea for any occasion! What’s your favorite theme or design? I’d love to hear about it below!

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