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Reviewing our favorite coins of 2023!

2023 Issues - Littleton Coin Blog

It’s hard to believe, but the year’s end is upon us once again! I’m sure we’re all gearing up for New Year’s festivities and plans for 2024 (I know I am)… and this always makes me look back at the events of the year. Let’s take a stroll down (short term) memory lane and look at some of 2023’s top coin releases!

A host of one-year-only designs

2023 Women Quarters - Littleton Coin Blog

Across the quarter and dollar 2023 U.S. coin series, we enjoyed a total of 10 one-year-only reverse designs. The most recently-started series (begun in 2022) honors prominent U.S. Women on the reverse of Washington quarters. This years’ subjects were Bessie Coleman, Jovita Idar, Edith Kanaka’ole, Eleanor Roosevelt and Maria Tallchief.

Maria Tallchief (Osage Tribe) had the distinction of being honored on not one, but two coins this year! She was also the primary subject on the 2023 Native American dollar.

Speaking of dollars… the four Innovation dollar designs round out our line up of one-year 2023 U.S. coin designs! This series is now in its 5th year of changing reverses, and the subjects continue to offer solid coin designs. In 2023, we enjoyed coins that honored the Underground Railroad (Ohio), Higgins Boat (Louisiana), Automobile Industry (Indiana) and the First Human Lung Transplant (Mississippi).

Stunning silver releases

2023 Morgan and Peace Dollars - Littleton Coin Blog

In 2021, we were treated to special Morgan and Peace silver dollars honoring their 100th anniversaries (that year marked celebrations for the last year of the Morgan, and first year of the Peace). Following a one-year hiatus in 2022, these popular Morgan & Peace dollars returned for 2023!

Of course, we had a perennial favorite – the beloved American Silver Eagle. Struck in an ounce of 99.9% pure silver, this important 2023 U.S. coin was sought out by many collectors!

Colorized exclusives from Littleton

The talented crew at Littleton Coin was at it again this year, creating beautifully colorized versions of some exciting 2023 U.S. coins. We kicked off an all-new series of colorized Kennedy half dollars honoring wildlife from around the globe! This complete 10-coin series includes a custom illustrated folder that’s filled with facts about the featured animals. This dynamic series includes colorful animals like the Orange Clownfish, Toco Toucan, Cassowary, Mandrill and more!

Nocturnal Series - Littleton Coin Blog

This year, I fell in love with our new Nocturnal animal series. Presented on the obverse of 2023 American Silver Eagles, each design celebrates a different creature of the night, with a black-as-night backdrop that showcases a different full moon. These beauties really pop!

Most coins have a diameter that’s perfect for a single theme, but they’re too small to display multiple images. Not so for the American Silver Eagle replica that’s crafted from a whopping 4 oz. of 99.9% pure silver! This proved to be the perfect canvas for a wildlife collage featuring different American landscapes and wild animals… what a great addition for any nature enthusiast. Were any of these on your collecting list of 2023 U.S. coins – or did I miss your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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