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New Year, New Hobby, Coin Collecting!

New Year, New Hobby, Coin Collecting! – Littleton Coin Company Blog

It is that time of year again, the famous count down in Times Square. A month of messing up the year when writing the date. And of course, new year’s resolutions. It always feels like a fresh start this time of year for the first couple days of January, but somewhere along the way the next thing you know it is spring and that list of things you were going to do is a distant memory. This year is different because starting your own collection is enjoyable, educational and custom designed to you. Coin collecting is a unique hobby that brings history to life and people together.

Becoming a coin collector is like becoming a time traveler, getting to see a glimpse of the past right in front of you! There are so many different ways you can collect. From metal detecting (learn more here), to buying specific coins, or just looking through the change in your pocket. You can find your passion, from types of currency to how you find your coins or notes to what time frame you enjoy collecting from. The way you store your collection can be unique, too. You can look at different ways to display your treasures here!

Each coin tells its own story, here are a few things you can learn from a coin:

    New Year, New Hobby, Coin Collecting! – Littleton Coin Company Blog
  • Coins have mint marks which indicate the location where the coin was minted. Present-day mint marks are:
    • P for Philadelphia
    • D for Denver
    • S for San Francisco
    • W for West Point
  • The year the coin was struck
  • Denomination
  • On some issues look for possible error coins

Coins also have historical stories that you have to look beyond the surface for. With a little research you can find out:

  • How long a coin was minted for
  • Who was in office when the coin was minted
  • The year the coin was minted, which you can then use to research what was going on in the world and origin at that time.

Coin collecting can bring friends, family and fellow collectors together. You can find social forums online or connect with fellow Littleton Coin collectors on our social media pages. Your friends here at Littleton Coin Company can help you get started with your collection in three easy steps here. Happy New Year & Happy Coin Collecting. Let us know how you are starting your collection in 2023!

This article was written by Susan A.

Susan A. graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 2021 after an abbreviated college experience split between Plymouth State University and the University of New Hampshire. She is an eight-time self-published author and social media content creator.

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