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Modern day Treasure Hunt for Coin Collectors!
Coin collecting & metal detecting

What better way to grow your coin collection than finding them yourself? A perfect way to combined two epic hobbies is coin collecting and metal detecting!  Coins are some of the most common finds when metal detecting because they are usually between 4”-12” inches from the surface. This makes them easy to spot by metal detector and extract.

Metal Detecting

Metal Detector - Littletoin Coin Blog

Metal detecting is a great way to get outdoors and be active. There is a spectrum of different types of metal detectors but each operates on similar technology. The device has a coil (the circular part on the bottom) that sends electromagnetic waves into the ground. Any metal objects within the wave field will be energized which gives off its own electromagnetic signal causing your detector to light up and make an audible sound!

Before you start your quest, it is important to check with local laws or property owners.

New Hampshire Sites

If you’re a coin collector on the mission for treasure, here are a few location ideas for you to explore. River banks, walking trails, open fields, and any well-traveled paths are sure to be scattered with coins and memorable tokens. For us near Littleton Coin Company, the White Mountain National Forests are great areas to go metal detecting. There are so many hidden gems in New Hampshire you can explore with your metal detector!

Coastal Sites

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The typically populated beach spots are exactly where you want to do your searching. A great place to start is the towel line, which is exactly what it sounds like – the area where the majority of people leave their towels for a day of sea fun. Paths to and from the beach are usually a coin collectors paradise, scattered with coins and other items waiting to be found. Hotspots for coins and other objects are in rocky areas where things can get caught or trapped. Look near boardwalks, further from the tide up near beach walls, and any other rocky terrain. Coin collectors can make a splash in their own collections with what they might find at the ocean!  You can take your hobby around the world by seeking treasure in over grown fields, historical places like battle sites, old or abandoned buildings, ship wrecks, or coastal areas. Where do you want to go coin collecting with a metal detector?

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