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Jazz up any collection with Lucky Coins!

For centuries, certain coins have captivated people dreaming of holding a good luck piece. And while some have cemented their place in lucky lore for obvious reasons, others aren’t as well known. These were new to me – have you heard of these bits of luck involving coins?

  • Coins with holes – in many cultures, coins with center holes (left) are believed to hold good fortune!
  • Coins minted in a leap year
  • An entire jar of coins kept in a household is said to bring fortune to the home
  • Giving a purse or wallet with a bit of money in it
  • Carrying a pocket piece – any coin you feel a sense of attachment to, or something with special meaning like a coin from the country your parents or grandparents came from

Of course, there are always the traditional standbys when it comes to lucky coins, too!

  • Lucky penny
  • Finding a coin on the street – just make sure it’s “head’s up” before you pick it up!
  • British sixpence – recalling the traditional wedding rhyme “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a lucky sixpence in her shoe”
  • A silver dollar – this may be from a belief that, with one of these lucky pieces, you’ll always have at least $1 in your pocket!
  • Silver & gold coins that depict angels – these coins have been considered lucky for centuries. According to legend, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte carried a 20 Francs Gold Angel coin in his pocket for luck – but lost it one day before the fateful Battle of Waterloo.
  • Another angel coin that’s regarded as lucky is Mexico’s 1 oz. Silver Libertad. Its reverse displays Mexico City’s Angel of Independence statue.
  • Ireland’s pre-Euro coinage – coins like this pre-Euro penny from Ireland are said to bring the “Luck ‘o the Irish” to the bearer!

A colorful symbol of luck

It’s no surprise that collectors from all walks of life enjoy owning “lucky” coins! In addition to these classic lucky pieces, world mints from around the globe have released a number of pieces themed around luck!

If you’ve never heard of the Maneki-neko, you’ll want to take a second look at this symbol of luck and good health! This is a popular representation in Japanese culture. With a name that translates to “beckoning cat,” it’s typically shown with a paw raised, inviting the viewer in. And this silver 20 Pence coin from Gibraltar is a colorful representation of that lucky emblem!

Coins designed with luck in mind

To wrap things up, there’s no better symbol of luck than the fabled genie’s lamp! What any of us wouldn’t give to find a magical lamp with our own wish-granting genie!

Recalling the intrigue of Scheherazade and the 1,001 Arabian Nights, these silver and gold coins celebrate the wonder and enchantment of those mesmerizing tales.

Another popular collectible that’s made with luck in mind is the $5 silver Horseshoe coin from Palau. Featuring detailed western-themed engravings on both obverse and reverse, it’s shaped just like the iconic symbol of luck! Whether you prefer to have your horseshoe pointed up (to hold in the luck) or down (to let the luck rain down), it’s sure to inspire!

Do you carry a lucky coin with you? Which piece is your “go-to” for a bit of good fortune? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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