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Have you heard the buzz?
Littleton’s Virtual Albums are the Fun, Free way to track your collection!

About three years ago, we launched an exciting new online tool for collectors – Littleton’s Virtual Albums!

We kept hearing from customers who wanted a better way to track the coins in their collection when they were out at coin shows, club meetings and the like. It’s so exciting to add new coins to your collection – but we agree, it can be difficult to keep track of what you have, especially as your collection grows. So, it was Virtual Albums to the rescue!

Virtual Albums Page - Littleton Coin Blog
The main Virtual Albums page is styled to resemble Littleton’s classic green albums.

On-the-go collecting!

That’s what we love best about Littleton’s Virtual Albums – they enable you to access your collection anywhere, at any time! Just look at what these customers had to say:

“I just started my coin collection albums virtually, and I think it is pretty cool I can carry my collection with me anywhere and everywhere, right on my phone. I could never do it otherwise.” R.R., Ukiah, CA

“Virtual Albums help me when I am out shopping and happen to see a deal. I can open the albums and see if I already own the item and in what condition. Saves me from double (or triple) buying coins.” E.H., Carson City, NV

“Having my coin list with me everywhere saves tons of time. Keeps my coins home safe!” T.B., Erie, PA

Virtual album Lincoln cent page - Littleton Coin Blog
This customer has just added three Lincoln Wheat cents to their Virtual Album!

We’re so glad that you folks are enjoying these Virtual Albums as much as we are!

Designed with collectors in mind

When we first started working on the concept of an easy-to-use list for collectors, going digital was the obvious choice. Thanks to an impressive effort by our Web and Information Technology groups, Littleton’s Virtual Albums debuted at the end of 2018 to much fanfare!

Virtual album list view - Littleton Coin Blog
Under List View, shown here, you can add multiple coins to an album at once.

Wanting our customers to have as realistic an experience as possible, the Virtual Albums were set up to resemble Littleton’s classic green albums. With our user-friendly interface, you’re able to choose from “grid view” (which more closely resembles an album page, with full-color photos) or “list view” (added after we received customer feedback on how helpful this would be). Here, you can add multiple coins and their grades at the same time, as well as print your lists if you’d like.

Fun & Easy to Use!

Using the albums is simple, too! Just ask J.B. of Camdenton, MO, who said Littleton’s Virtual Albums are “very user friendly, not hard [to use] even if you’re just getting started!” For more detailed information, be sure to visit our How it Works page.

The response to this project has been phenomenal to date! More than 6,000 people are using Littleton’s Virtual Albums, and they’ve assembled over 28,600 albums in all. As G.P. of Kalamazoo, MI wrote to tell us, “I love the very idea of this and the ease of use is phenomenal. Very smart and practical idea. … I am hooked.”

Thanks, G.P. – we couldn’t agree more!

Virtual album grid view - Littleton Coin Blog
Adding a coin to a Virtual Album is simple – just click on the +!

Always a work in progress

From our initial run of 10 albums, we’ve expanded the library to more than 40 titles. And more are being added all the time (I have it on good authority that the next group is coming very soon… including paper money)!

Have you set up any Littleton Virtual Album titles for your collection yet? If so, how are you enjoying them?

If you haven’t tried this exciting free service yet, here’s where you can set up your Littleton Virtual Albums today!

This article was written by Kierstin S.

Since 2000, Kierstin has enjoyed sharing her love of collecting with folks like you.

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