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Collector stories from customers!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the things I love most about working in Customer Service here at LCC is the collector stories we hear from customers. It’s a real treat to discover how they got started collecting or how they’re inspiring future generations to carry on the hobby. It won’t surprise you, then, that my favorite LCC contest by far has been our recent Collectors Video Contest.

An idea spurs a contest

Let me rewind a little… Back in August of 2015, we asked visitors to the Littleton Coin Company booth at the ANA World’s Fair of Money in Chicago how they got started collecting. (You can see some of these stories in our testimonial video). We had such a fun time videotaping and hearing the stories, we thought it’d be great to expand on that idea. Then, a few of our employees came up with an inspiring idea to collect and share stories from our customers on our website and in catalogs. This helped fuel our desire to host a contest to obtain these stories.

This past March we launched our first Collectors Video Contest. We reached out to our followers on Social Media and challenged them to produce a short video clip telling the story of how they became a collector. Prizes for this contest were LCC Gift Cards – $100 for 3rd place, $250 for 2nd place and a whopping $500 for our grand prize winner!

The response was great! We received a bunch of excellent videos from collectors around the U.S.. A group of LCC employees, including myself, were charged with the difficult task of deciding the finalists. After a bit of deliberating, the panel came up with our top three winners!

Top 3 Winners!

In third place, Justin from Massachusetts, told of beginning collecting with the Statehood Quarters at the ripe old age of 11. “In coin collecting I have found my passion,” said Justin in his video clip. He went on to tell a story of his favorite find, a Mexican Peso. He found it while working at a bank and he explains how this find only further fueled his passion for coin collecting. Congratulations Justin, on an excellent video!

Our 2nd place winner was a father and son team, Russ and Ben from Wisconsin. The title of the video “Everything I’ve learned about coin collecting I’ve learned from a 12 year old” had all of the judges smiling, as did their video. It’s clear, when you watch this video, that young Ben has caught the “numismatic bug” and is well on his way to building a fantastic collection of coins. Great job Russ and Ben!

Finally, our Grand Prize winner, Dominick of Indiana, started out his video with a “Things not to do with your coin collection” story that would curl the toes of any avid collector – he and his siblings helped dear old dad clean his jar of Wheat Pennies! Despite his Dad’s faux pas (take a lesson here people – don’t clean your coins!) Dominick was not deterred. “Unfortunately, it was probably not the best idea for him to have,” said Dominick “but for me it really sparked an interest in coin collecting.” Well done, Dominick! Enjoy your prize!

It was lots of fun watching all the video entries and hearing the different stories from everyone. If you missed the full array of video submissions, you can check them out on our YouTube channel!

Keep your eyes and ears open for our next exciting contest – you could tell your story and be a winner too!

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