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Though popular numismatic collectibles, love tokens are actually not ‘tokens’ at all

The term “love tokens” could mean many different things to many different people, but numismatically speaking, love tokens are legal tender coins that have been rubbed or sanded smooth on one or both sides

10 great coin books to add to your collector’s bookshelf

As a copywriter at Littleton Coin Company, I have certain reference books I turn to frequently, and keep right at my fingertips! These books provide numismatic facts and background that I need to write

Year of the Sheep 2015

Celebrations mark start of Chinese New Year… Red lanterns, red envelopes and clothing… red is the color of Chinese New Year, associated with luck and fortune. Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) dates back 2,000 years

From the Battlefield to the Oval Office – Soldier/Statesmen honored on U.S. Coins

You’re probably familiar with the names of U.S. presidents, but did you know over 30% of them were leaders on the battlefield before serving in the White House? Two soldier/statesmen that you may be