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Why collectors enjoy “Ike” Dollars – our last large-size circulating $1 coins

Struck for only eight years from 1971-1978, Eisenhower dollars were America’s last large-size circulating $1 coins. And though the series was brief, it has many interesting attributes to attract and hold the attention of

Doorstop turns out to be Rare Carson City Mint Die

Everyone dreams of discovering treasure in their basement, attic or barn… I know I do! In fact, there are dozens of TV shows that highlight finds. A real life “treasure” story unfolded this year

LCC Behind the Scenes: Customer Service

Soon, Littleton Coin Company will celebrate its 70th year in business. And there’s no one who deserves thanks for that more than our loyal customers! That’s why we value our customers’ happiness so much…

Behind the scenes at a coin show

As a representative for Littleton Coin, I’m lucky enough to attend events, coin releases and trade shows. Of all the places I go, I get asked most about coin shows. “What’s it like?” “Is