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Coins and April Fool’s Day have a few things in common!

April Fool’s Day brings to mind pranks and tricks. And coins are among the most used items for tricks by amateur and professional magicians alike. So they have a lot in common! Coins you

Privy Marks are Popping up on US Coins
What are they, and why are they important?

We all know about mint marks. On a US coin, it’s the tiny letter that indicates the minting facility (except for “no mint mark” coins from Philadelphia). But a privy mark is different. This

Dining With 5 Heroes of WWII

What famous American leaders from WWII would you invite to a dinner party? We, too, wondered who we’d want at a sit-down soirée. It was part of the creative process. We were brainstorming a

The history behind Daylight Saving Time
and how much did Ben Franklin have to do with it?

Love it or hate it – this past weekend, we all had to “spring ahead” for Daylight Saving Time. Unless, of course, you’re in Hawaii or the portions of Arizona that don’t participate in