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The Language and Anatomy of Coins

As with most hobbies, the world of numismatics – better known as coin collecting – has developed something of a language all its own. Collectors new to the hobby may find some of these

Jazz up any collection with Lucky Coins!

For centuries, certain coins have captivated people dreaming of holding a good luck piece. And while some have cemented their place in lucky lore for obvious reasons, others aren’t as well known. These were

Bald Eagle, Regal Fritillary Butterfly, Sassafras and a Rotary Dial Telephone: Collecting Emily Damstra

Image courtesy of No doubt about it: Since its July debut, the Type 2 American Silver Eagle dollar continues to generate high interest with its new, realistic reverse motif on the world’s most

Sometimes, the winds of change bring good fortune to coin collectors!

1921 Morgan & 1921 Peace Dollar Set in 100th Anniversary Holders Transition… it can mean so many different things! For collectors, coins of transition offer an exciting opportunity to own pieces of history and