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Coins honor 50th Anniversary of the First Men on the Moon!

The 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing is honored by Littleton Coin Company and mints around the world on coins and other collectibles.

Why we moved 82 tons of coins…

How 1999 was so historic Twenty years ago, 1999 promised to be a big year. The U.S. Mint would introduce its highly anticipated statehood quarters program along with its first commemorative silver dollar to

This one takes the cake… !
Money Cake Tradition adds a fun new twist to your favorite celebration!

Recently, I was planning a birthday party when someone asked if I’d ever heard of the “money cake tradition.” Having always preferred chocolate myself, but intrigued by the idea, I asked her what that

It’s WILD out there!
Dynamic and colorful designs from around the world continue to celebrate iconic animals

About a year ago, we shared tips for building an impressive collection of coins featuring animals from around the world. Now that the year is starting fresh, the next generation is stampeding in! Popular