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America’s smallest circulating coin marks a big milestone!

This year holds an important milestone in the collecting world – 2021 marks the 75th anniversary of the Roosevelt dime! After more than 7 decades in use, the unassuming Roosevelt dime hasn’t made many

Sacred Eagle Feathers on 2021 Coin Honor Native Americans’ Military Contributions

WWII Code Talker Soldiers Ever since the run-up to the American Revolution, the continent’s indigenous peoples have joined forces to protect our shared homeland. Their willingness comes from a deeply rooted tradition of service

Get ready for these 2021 commemorative coin designs!

Collectors of commemorative coins are gearing up for an exciting year of new designs! Struck annually, U.S. commemoratives are special-issue coins that honor organizations, places, events or people. Modern commemoratives are released for just

Collecting is easy with Littleton Coin Company Clubs

Founders Maynard & Fannie Sundman Ever since Maynard and Fannie Sundman founded Littleton in 1945, it’s been our mission to serve collectors by helping them build their dream collections. During our first 75 years,