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The Fascinating Tale of the Former Manila Mint

Ask collectors to name off the US Mints, both past and present, and they’ll likely give you the eight most common: Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, West Point, Carson City, New Orleans, Charlotte and Dahlonega.

The tale of a U.S. nickel known as the coin with
“No Cents”

The year was 1883. Life magazine was founded in January. Robert Louis Stevenson published his book Treasure Island. After 13 years of construction, the Brooklyn Bridge was opened to traffic. And, at the end

Littleton customer finds a decades-old note from legendary representative Rena Hood!

Recently, I received a special message from Illinois customer Kevin A. While going through a box that he’d tucked away years ago, Kevin found this note from celebrated Littleton Coin Company representative Rena Hood.

We’re heading back to Mars thanks to Science, Hard Work and Perseverance

We’re heading back to Mars! A new era in space exploration kicks off this summer – we’re going back to Mars! Though NASA has already sent rovers to Mars in the past – four