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Are you making these coin collecting mistakes?

Coin collecting can be an exciting, educational and rewarding hobby. Few other pastimes bring history to life in such a tangible way. And while numismatics was once the exclusive domain of the wealthy, today

Celebrating hard work and determination: How America’s Labor Day holiday came to be

Each year, we celebrate the first Monday in September as a farewell to summer – with BBQs, beaches, family time and fun. But how much do you know about the origins of this beloved

The Sport of Kings Colorized $2 Notes Collection

Image courtesy of Numismatics has long been called the “Hobby of Kings,” and with good reason. People have been collecting coins for thousands of years. But throughout most of history, it was a

What are my coins worth?

Littleton Coin Buyer Bill discusses a design for the new Personal Coin Appraisal Kit with Elaine, Senior Designer Supervisor. Whether you’re a collector who hasn’t been active in years or you’ve inherited a collection,