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‘Fall’ing in Love with the Colors, Cool Breezes and Coins of Autumn!

Lately, the night air has been crisp and the days are downright refreshing. Autumn is back! And of course, the best part – foliage season. The leaves have already started changing up here, and

Discovering Christopher Columbus On Coins and Currency

“The Landing of Columbus”, John Vanderlyn It’s been quite an adventure to discover all the different ways in which Christopher Columbus can be found on U.S. money! In 1863, Congress passed the National Bank

Discover 9 Major Numismatic Firsts!

The story of coins and paper money is filled with fascinating “firsts.” They relate to issues, designs, sizes, compositions, colors and more. You’ll find 9 important numismatic firsts here. But there are others that

Silver Bars & Rounds are a Silver Lining for collectors everywhere!

For a few years now, silver rounds and silver bars have been growing in popularity with collectors – and it’s no wonder! Both are struck with a high silver content (they’re usually 99.9% pure