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Somewhere… under the sea

“Several times, during various lulls of wind and sea, I thought I heard indistinct sounds, a sort of elusive harmony produced by distant musical chords. What was the secret behind this underwater navigating, whose

Expand your collecting horizons with the Littleton Coin Company Learn Center!

There’s so much to discover… If there’s one thing Littleton Coin Company prides itself on, it’s sharing knowledge and insider hobby tips with our collector friends. That’s why we created the Littleton Coin Company

Whether you choose Red or Blue, go cast your vote in Election 2020

Today’s the day! This year has been one for the record books, and nowhere is that more true than in the politically-charged 2020 presidential election. Whether you’re backing Republican incumbent Donald Trump or Democratic

The Tale of A Roman Emperor who was almost lost to history

During its impressive history, the mighty Roman Empire was filled with leaders both noble and shocking. Thanks to their written histories and the coins issued in their names, we still hold information about their