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1964 Morgan Dollar galvanos discovered!

Littleton’s president David Sundman was there…

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Top Left: Various Master hubs and dies in a drawer at the U.S. Mint Archives. Bottom Left: Dennis Tucker of Whitman Publishing, John Dannreuther and Q. David Bowers, numismatic researchers and authors, examine the mint’s archival files. Right Side: John Dannreuther and Q. David Bowers display the newly discovered 1964 Morgan dollar hub.

1964 Morgan dollar hub and galvano - Littleton Coin Blog

Top: A master hub for a 1964 Morgan dollar. Bottom: A galvano for the obverse of a 1964 Morgan dollar. Photos courtesy of John Dannreuther.

Little did David Sundman know when he toured the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia with a group of friends and numismatic researchers over a year ago he’d be there when galvanos, hubs and master dies for a 1964 Morgan dollar were discovered! Joining him on this behind-the-scenes tour were Q. David Bowers, Dennis Tucker and John Dannreuther. As he and David Bowers looked at information about Eisenhower and Anthony dollars, Tucker photographed galvanos and plaster models of Philippine coins struck at the U.S. Mint, and Dannreuther poked through a cabinet of trays looking for unpublished material. It was there Dannreuther spotted the obverse and reverse galvanos for the previously unknown Morgan!

“After I saw what John had found and looked at the date, I was speechless. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine there had been plans to use the Morgan design in 1964! To be at the Philadelphia Mint when researchers John Dannreuthers and David Bowers made the “discovery” was exciting. Of course, the mint knew they were there – but no numismatist knew of their existence until now,” said Sundman.

Most collectors know the Denver Mint struck 1964 Peace dollars that were later destroyed when Public Law 89-81, authorizing clad coinage and halting production of “standard silver dollars,” was passed in 1965. Until now, few numismatists (if any) knew about this proposed Morgan silver dollar – read about it here, in this Coin World article.

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