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How to keep the memory of an epic Disney vacation alive – with coins!

It’s the trip of a lifetime – one that anyone, of any age, looks forward to. The Disney vacation! I can still remember going as a kid… the sights, the sounds, and meeting the happy couple who had been coming in to my home for as long as I could remember – Mickey and Minnie! Even parents who consider the vacation planning to be a chore catch the excitement when they see their kids’ faces. Let’s face it, even without kids it’s easy to get caught up in the magic of Disney!
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But when you return home, how do you commemorate this rite of passage? Souvenir cups get lost or broken. Dolls and shirts get dirty or destroyed. Here’s where the magic of collecting takes over!

Pick your favorite character – from Mickey and Donald to Cinderella or Belle – and start a Disney themed collection! In the past few years, some world mints have issued fun coins that honor popular Disney characters. Struck in gold or silver, some feature vibrant color to enhance the beloved characters. Even if you’ve never collected before, these make a fantastic way to start a “theme collection” – or you can just pick up a single issue honoring your trip.

Coins fit for a princess… or a prince!

No matter your interests, there’s bound to be a coin for everyone. Fans of the Disney Princesses will delight at Niue’s 2015 Cinderella coin, featuring the icon (whose castle just happens to be one of Disney World’s main attractions) dressed up for the ball.

Gold Mickey Coin - Littleton Coin BlogIf princesses aren’t up your alley, there’s also a fun series honoring Mickey Mouse! Two issues from 2016 feature Mickey and the Band (one in silver and another in gold), while a new 2017 issue depicts the marvelous mouse dressed as the wizard from Fantasia.

There’s another fun way to extend a theme collection even beyond the traditional Disney characters. Since Disney purchased the rights to the Star Wars franchise in 2012, there have been a number of attractions popping up that are straight out of a ‘galaxy far, far away.’ And there are more still to come! That’s why New Zealand’s series of Star Wars-themed coins are also an out-of-this-world addition to any Disney-themed collection.

Have you ever given a friend or family member coins to commemorate a great vacation? If so, did you follow a specific theme? I’d love to hear about it – let me know in the comments section below!

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