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Animals are popular subjects on coinage around the world

Every country or region on Earth has its identifying wildlife. Australia has kangaroos and koalas. China has tigers and giant pandas. Africa has lions and elephants. America has deer, moose, bear, bison, bighorn sheep

“Hot” collectibles recall legendary companies that built our country!

If you like learning how famous American companies began and developed, you might enjoy scripophily – the collecting of historical stock and bond certificates. Especially desirable are certificates issued by prominent companies that no

Paper Money that will really tickle your “Fancy!”

Awhile back, we wrote to you about the different issues of paper money, and mentioned the different types of serial numbers that some collectors seek out. Known as “fancy” notes for their intriguing number

The long, unsuccessful saga of America’s neglected $1 coins!

Ever wonder why you don’t see $1 coins in circulation? After all, the dollar is our country’s basic monetary unit. And $1 coins have been struck during most years from 1794 to the present.