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Eagle Tail Feather tall tale becomes the stuff of legends

Eagle Tail Feather tall tale becomes stuff of legends When the U.S. Mint released first-year 1878 Morgan dollars, the eagle on the reverse sported 8 tail feathers. But supposedly ornithologists stepped forward and claimed

Money that is fit for the Silver Screen

Money in movies… it’s everywhere! But did you ever stop to wonder where it all comes from? Sure, it makes a fantastically dramatic scene when billions of dollars rain down after they’re dropped from

Hoards, Hoarders and the Hiding Spots That Kept Their Stashes Secret

I’m sure we’ve all heard it: save some money for a rainy day! But what happens when someone takes that adage a little too far? Maybe they really enjoy a certain coin series, and

Meet famous and notorious paper money counterfeiters!

The use of paper currency dates back over a thousand years. And the handiwork of counterfeiters goes back nearly that far! Paper money has long been the target of novice to expert forgers. Of