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Silver Bars & Rounds are a Silver Lining for collectors everywhere!

For a few years now, silver rounds and silver bars have been growing in popularity with collectors – and it’s no wonder! Both are struck with a high silver content (they’re usually 99.9% pure

Silver American Eagles a big hit

The U.S. Mint has had its share of unsuccessful coin programs. But the Silver American Eagles of 1986 to the present are a big hit. Annual sales have topped 40 million three times in

The “Holy Grail” of Coin Collecting

It’s different for everyone… what’s your dream coin? If money were no object (figuratively speaking, of course!), what is the one dream coin you would want in your collection? Depending on what piques your

Celebrating the 140th Anniversary of the Morgan Silver Dollar

Mr. Morgan’s Dollar turns 140! One hundred forty years ago, on the 11th of March, the first Liberty Head “Morgan” silver dollars rolled off the presses at the Philadelphia Mint. Designed by artist and