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The Keys to your Collection
Those elusive Key dates

Recently Dorothy wrote in to ask why some Roosevelt dimes are worth more than others. That got me thinking about key date, or better date coins and the impact they have on your collection.

Add color, art and stunning designs to your collection with paper money

More and more of our coin customers are expanding their collections to include paper money. And for good reason. Paper money, and especially the older large-size currency, brings eye-catching color, impressive artwork and sophisticated

Coin Collecting – The ties that bind
How I introduced my kids to collecting

How many times have you heard your child or grandchild say, “I’m bored… or There’s nothing to do!” Around my house it seems like a mantra! A while ago, we had one of those

How to keep the memory of an epic Disney vacation alive – with coins!

It’s the trip of a lifetime – one that anyone, of any age, looks forward to. The Disney vacation! I can still remember going as a kid… the sights, the sounds, and meeting the