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Coin Collecting – The ties that bind
How I introduced my kids to collecting

How many times have you heard your child or grandchild say, “I’m bored… or There’s nothing to do!” Around my house it seems like a mantra! A while ago, we had one of those

How to keep the memory of an epic Disney vacation alive – with coins!

It’s the trip of a lifetime – one that anyone, of any age, looks forward to. The Disney vacation! I can still remember going as a kid… the sights, the sounds, and meeting the

First ever “P” Mint Mark Penny struck to honor the Philadelphia Mint’s 225th Anniversary

For the first time ever, the Philadelphia Mint struck pennies with a “P” mint mark catching collectors by surprise. Created to honor the 225th anniversary of the Philadelphia Mint, which opened for business in

Does war make “cents”? To Collectors it does!

2017 National Coin Week theme: Conflict & Courage “War… What is it good for…” well coin collectors know, in some cases, conflict creates new coins and currency – most notably the one-year-only 1943 Steel