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Alligator Eyes, Spitting Eagles, Hot Lips & More… Morgan Dollar Varieties add spice to your Collection

If you collect Morgan dollars or enjoy the “thrill of the hunt,” then variety collecting is for you! Since the early 1950s, enthusiasts have not only collected by date and mint mark, but also

U.S. coinage changed forever in 1999

When the Statehood quarters began in 1999, with new reverse designs every 10 weeks, it kicked off a dramatic new era in U.S. coinage! An era that has produced Westward Journey nickels, 100th anniversary

Eagle Tail Feather tall tale becomes the stuff of legends

Eagle Tail Feather tall tale becomes stuff of legends When the U.S. Mint released first-year 1878 Morgan dollars, the eagle on the reverse sported 8 tail feathers. But supposedly ornithologists stepped forward and claimed

Money that is fit for the Silver Screen

Money in movies… it’s everywhere! But did you ever stop to wonder where it all comes from? Sure, it makes a fantastically dramatic scene when billions of dollars rain down after they’re dropped from